Caritas network abroad

Caritas of Archdiocese of Prague is a part of Caritas Internationalis, an international network of 165 Catholic relief, development and social service organisations operating in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. This Caritas network is therefore one of the largest international networks striving to abolish poverty and to establish a more equal society.  

Caritas Internationalis is involved namely in humanitarian crises, in the area of sustainable development and in international conflicts, promoting peace settlements.  

Caritas Internationalis is internally organized into seven entities covering different geographic regions: Caritas Africa, Caritas Asia, Caritas Europe, Caritas Latin America, Caritas Pacific, Caritas North America, and Caritas MONA (Middle-East and North Africa). The division simplifies the cooperation of national charities, who often struggle with similar problems and conditions for their work within the same regions.

Caritas network in the Czech Republic

The national headquarters in the Czech Republic is Caritas Czech Republic. In 1995 it was accepted as an honorary member of Caritas Internationalis. Caritas Czech Republic unites six Diocese and two Archdiocese Caritas:

  • Caritas of the Archdiocese of Prague,
  • Caritas of the Archdiocese of Olomouc,
  • Caritas of the Diocese of Brno,
  • Caritas of the Diocese of České Budějovice,
  • Caritas of the Diocese of Litoměřice,
  • Caritas of the Diocese of Hradec Králové,
  • Caritas of the Diocese of Plzeň,
  • Caritas of the Diocese of Ostrava-Opava.

Each (Arch)diocese is made up of further levels of charity networks: parish, county and communal charities – altogether there is about 350. Charity work in the Czech Republic functions on many levels and provides more than 750 different types of services and social and healthcare centers. The network employs over 6,700 full-time employees and works together with 50 thousand volunteers. It´s services help more than 80 thousand people every year. Caritas Czech Republic is the most significant non-governmental provider of social services in the Czech Republic.

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