Our international work revolves around fulfilling the needs of the local people by providing development aid and encouraging autonomy. The selection of each specific project is influenced by the state of the local communities, as well as our partner organizations. During the last twenty years of our work developing relationships with international cooperations and communities, we have identified the following areas as priority for our support:


The priority is to support the least fortunate children and adults in acquiring an education. We have implemented a Child Sponsorship Program, where we have fortunately been able to provide education for more than 30 thousand children.

We also promote education by organizing apprenticeship programs for youth and adults by the construction, renovation of schools, as well as providing equipment for primary schools, technical schools and other education centers.


Community Programs

The programs assist locals through enlightenment, and establishment of preventative health measures, self-help groups, employment support, and micro-financing (i.e. offering small personal loans). This is accomplished by building community centers where the rural community can meet, organize and educate.


Healthcare and preventative measures, combat of HIV/AIDS

The projects are aimed at preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS in high-risk populations via enlightenment activities for targeted schools and communities. Free-of-charge HIV blood tests are provided, as well as prevention of mothers infecting their children, and support of HIV/AIDS patients; this is includes children, who are most likely to end up on the margin of society with no access to necessary aid.

Child labor combat

We offer educational courses as well as other activities to youth who dropped out of school in order to begin work at a very young age. This helps children to develop their talents, skills, and personalities.



Humanitarian aid

Our target areas receive our assistance in case of natural disasters, or war conflicts. Thanks to close cooperation with our local partner organizations we were able to assist people in India struck by floods in 2009, victims of war conflicts in Northern Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2010, and Ukraine in 2014.


How you can support Caritas Prague

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