Our development and humanitarian aid is focused on the least fortunate countries with the majority of the population living under the poverty line. Target countries are chosen based on the degree of their need, and on the feasibility of connecting with local trustworthy partner organizations. We currently operate in the following countries:


Within the past few years, India has been experiencing an abrupt rise in economic development. However, this development brings significant inequality among India’s inhabitants. India is home to high-tech industries and cosmic programs; on the other side, there are people dying with no access to healthcare, and millions of with no access to education. Our aid is targeted to poor rural areas, and city slums.  



Uganda is a developing country in Sub-Saharan Africa. Its modern history is deeply marked by a period of instability caused by political overturns and dictatorships.  The crisis lasted 20 years, and left Ugandan economy and society highly disrupted. Current reform efforts are not only detained by the disadvantaged position of a developing country, but also by a great amount of corruption within the Ugandan system.



According to the Human Development Index, Zambia is the 13th least developed country in the world. At the same time, the country has an abundance of precious mineral deposits. However, the wealth coming from these deposits is distributed very unequally. There are vast differences between the rich elite and the other 75% of the population which is living under the poverty line. HIV/AIDS is a very serious problem; statistics indicate that in 1999, Zambia had 20% of its population infected by the virus.


Democratic Republic of Congo

Congo is one of the poorest countries in the world. The population of Congo have experienced dictatorships, wars, famine and epidemics. To this day, the situation is far from being stable. The East of the country is currently at war which is financed by money gained through illegal exploitation of diamonds. More than half of the inhabitants live below the poverty line.   



Our charity programs in Belarus not only help on a social level, they also enable people to experience and understand the functioning of a democratic system.  Belarus is officially a republic, but many non-democratic regime practices are still in place. The current president is criticized by western countries for oppressing opposition, and freedom of speech.



Although the economic indicators have massively improved, with its GDP per capital, Thailand is still ranked among developing countries. The difference in the income of the top 30%, and the rest of the population is highly disproportional. The capital displays the highest extreme of riches and the lowest extreme of poverty. Prostitution (including child prostitution) is a massive problem, as well as child labor and the spread of HIV. 

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