Caritas of the Archdiocese of Prague

Following the principals of Christian morality, we help those in need irrespective of their race, religious affiliations, or political views.

We provide assistance to those who have found themselves in a life burdening situation, or in the margin of society – namely parents (mothers and their children), the handicapped, seniors, the homeless, orphans, victims of human trafficing, victims of domestic violence, and migrants. One of the most significant areas where Caritas Prague provides services, includes humanitarian and development aid and cooperation. The least fortunate children, families, and communities are supported in terms of education, healthcare and local development, so that they can one day reach and sustain a reasonable quality of life without international intervention.

General Information:

  • Founder: Archdiocese of Prague
  • Legal entity: church-based, non-profit organization
  • Statutory representatives: director Ing. Bc. Jaroslav Němec, president Fr. Stanislaw Gora
  • Sphere of Action: Social and Healthcare Services: Prague, Central Bohemia, Ústí County
    Development Aid: India, Sub-Saharan Africa, Belarus
  • Origination: The history of Caritas in the Czech Republic goes back to the “First Republic” period (1918 - 1938). Activities of the organization were limited during the Communist era. It has been restored shortly after the revolution in 1989 and officially registered in 1996.  
  • Registration: Registry of church-based organizations administered by Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Registry No.: 8/1-01-705/1996

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How you can support Caritas Prague

Counselling Centre for Migrants

  • Are you an applicant for international protection or have you already been granted such protection on the territory of the Czech Republic?

  • Do you need social or legal advice?

  • Are you interested in assistance when dealing with authorities?

  • Do you need job search assistence or help with finding a vocational training?

Contact us: 00420 737 280 613 or

download a leaflet with more information about our services.