Caritas Prague has been assisting foreign countries since 1993. All activities are coordinated by the International Cooperation Center. Their mission is to support poor children in developing countries by educating them, and leading them to better prospects and a happier childhood. We assist children, families and entire communities in their continuous development, and in reaching autonomy and a sustainable quality of life.  

Every year, the International Aid of Caritas Prague reaches over 60 thousand people in need that represent the most vulnerable parts of society.  

Where we help

The target countries of our development and humanitarian aid include India, Uganda, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Belarus and Thailand.

How we help

The priority issues we address include: education, healthcare and prevention, local development and fighting against child labor. If needed, we provide humanitarian aid.

Who we work with

We collaborate with local partner organizations in individual target countries and if needed, we set up our own missions led by Czech staff (Uganda, Zambia).

Our functioning would not be possible without the thousands of donors from all over the country, who support our development and humanitarian projects through financial or material gifts, volunteer work or simply with a prayer.

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How you can support Caritas Prague

Counselling Centre for Migrants

  • Are you an applicant for international protection or have you already been granted such protection on the territory of the Czech Republic?

  • Do you need social or legal advice?

  • Are you interested in assistance when dealing with authorities?

  • Do you need job search assistence or help with finding a vocational training?

Contact us: 00420 737 280 613 or

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