Development cooperation and humanitarian aid

Caritas Prague has been assisting foreign countries since 1993. All activities are coordinated by the International Cooperation Center. Their mission is to support poor children in developing countries by educating them, and leading them to better prospects and a happier childhood. We assist children, families and entire communities in their continuous development, and in reaching autonomy and a sustainable quality of life.

Every year, the International Aid of Caritas Prague reaches over 60 thousand people in need that represent the most vulnerable parts of society.

Where we help

Adopce na dálku pomáhá už čtvrt století


Within the past few years, India has been experiencing an abrupt rise in economic development. However, this development brings significant inequality among India’s inhabitants. India is home to high-tech industries and cosmic programs; on the other side, there are people dying with no access to healthcare, and millions of with no access to education. Our aid is targeted to poor rural areas, and city slums.


Uganda is a developing country in Sub-Saharan Africa. Its modern history is deeply marked by a period of instability caused by political overturns and dictatorships.  The crisis lasted 20 years, and left Ugandan economy and society highly disrupted. Current reform efforts are not only detained by the disadvantaged position of a developing country, but also by a great amount of corruption within the Ugandan system.


According to the Human Development Index, Zambia is one of the least developed country in the world. At the same time, the country has an abundance of precious mineral deposits. However, the wealth coming from these deposits is distributed very unequally. There are vast differences between the rich elite and the other 75% of the population which is living under the poverty line.

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Our charity programs in Belarus not only help on a social level, they also enable people to experience and understand the functioning of a democratic system.  Belarus is officially a republic, but many non-democratic regime practices are still in place. The current president is criticized by western countries for oppressing opposition, and freedom of speech.

How we help



The priority is to support the least fortunate children and adults in acquiring an education. We have implemented a Child Sponsorship Program, where we have fortunately been able to provide education for more than 30 thousand children. We also promote education by organizing apprenticeship programs for youth and adults by the construction, renovation of schools, as well as providing equipment for primary schools, technical schools and other education centers.

Skupina lidí

Community Programs

The programs assist locals through enlightenment, and establishment of preventative health measures, self-help groups, employment support, and micro-financing (i.e. offering small personal loans). This is accomplished by building community centers where the rural community can meet, organize and educate.



The projects are aimed at preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS in high-risk populations via enlightenment activities for targeted schools and communities. Free-of-charge HIV blood tests are provided, as well as prevention of mothers infecting their children, and support of HIV/AIDS patients; this is includes children, who are most likely to end up on the margin of society with no access to necessary aid.

Dar (srdce nad rukama)

Humanitarian aid

Our target areas receive our assistance in case of natural disasters, or war conflicts. Thanks to close cooperation with our local partner organizations we were able to assist people in India struck by floods in 2009, victims of war conflicts in Northern Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2010, and Ukraine in 2014.

Who we work with

We collaborate with local partner organizations in individual target countries and if needed, we set up our own missions led by Czech staff (Uganda, Zambia).

Our functioning would not be possible without the thousands of donors from all over the country, who support our development and humanitarian projects through financial or material gifts, volunteer work or simply with a prayer.

Child Sponsorship Program (Adopce na dálku®)

The Child Sponsorship Program was launched in 1993. Thanks to the numerous donors from all over the Czech Republic, we have helped to provide education to more than 30 thousand poorest children in developing countries. The support of children from socially marginalized families is achieved by covering the costs of their education. This includes tuition for primary and secondary schools, school equipment, and school uniforms. Where it applies, we will also cover the costs of dormitory fees, tutoring, and extracurricular activities. If needed, Caritas will provide healthcare for children. Support of communities that play a major role in the overall development and education of children in need, is a crucial part of the sponsorship program.

10 reasons why you should participate in the Child Sponsorship Program


If you provide a child with education, you provide them with the most valuable thing – a chance for independance and a better life. Your sponsorship will thus assist the child in the long term.


By offering this abiding type of support, you do not make the receiver dependent. On the contrary! The child´s active participation and diligence plays a key role in the whole process.


The Child Sponsorship Program enables children to be educated in their own environment. This way, they are not alienated from their cultural and family ties.


The help is specific. If you participate in the sponsorship program, one more child from a selected target country will get a chance to be educated.


When participating in the Child Sponsorship Program, you will receive a letter from them twice a year.


The program brings visible results for only about 500CZK per month.


The Child Sponsorship Program is run by Caritas of the Archdiocese of Prague. It is executed based on modern principals of development cooperation. A large emphasis is placed on a community approach to minimize any eventual negative side effects of the program (i.e. jealousy from any unsupported areas of the community).


The Child Sponsorship Program enables the involvement of not only individuals or families, but also various groups – parishes, schools, work teams, groups of friends…


93 % of the sponsorship will fully cover the project costs, and 7% will cover the essential indirect costs and reserves.


Long-standing tradition and trustworthiness of the organization – Caritas of the Archdiocese of Prague is the first organization in the Czech Republic involved in this type of program. It has gained the confidence of tens of thousands of donors from all over the Czech Republic.

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„One who is gracious to a poor man lends to the Lord, And He will repay him for his good deed.“ (Proverbs 19:17)

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  • supports social services for seniors, people with special needs, families in need, victims of domestic violence and those who have found themselves in a life burdening situation
  • supports education for disadvantaged children in developing countries.

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