Child Sponsorship Program (Adopce na dálku®)

The Child Sponsorship Program was launched in 1993. Thanks to the numerous donors from all over the Czech Republic, we have helped to provide education to more than 30 thousand poorest children in developing countries. The support of children from socially marginalized families is achieved by covering the costs of their education. This includes tuition for primary and secondary schools, school equipment, and school uniforms. Where it applies, we will also cover the costs of dormitory fees, tutoring, and extracurricular activities. If needed, Caritas will provide healthcare for children. Support of communities that play a major role in the overall development and education of children in need, is a crucial part of the sponsorship program.

10 reasons why you should participate in the Child Sponsorship Program

  1. If you provide a child with education, you provide them with the most valuable thing – a chance for independance and a better life. Your sponsorship will thus assist the child in the long term.  
  2. By offering this abiding type of support, you do not make the receiver dependent. On the contrary! The child´s active participation and diligence plays a key role in the whole process.  
  3. The Child Sponsorship Program enables children to be educated in their own environment. This way, they are not alienated from their cultural and family ties.  
  4. The help is specific. If you participate in the sponsorship program, one more child from a selected target country will get a chance to be educated.
  5. When participating in the Child Sponsorship Program, you will receive a letter from them twice a year.  
  6. The program brings visible results for only about 500CZK per month.
  7. The Child Sponsorship Program is run by Caritas of the Archdiocese of Prague. It is executed based on modern principals of development cooperation. A large emphasis is placed on a community approach to minimize any eventual negative side effects of the program (i.e. jealousy from any unsupported areas of the community).  
  8. The Child Sponsorship Program enables the involvement of not only individuals or families, but also various groups – parishes, schools, work teams, groups of friends…
  9. 93 % of the sponsorship will fully cover the project costs, and 7% will cover the essential indirect costs and reserves.  
  10. Long-standing tradition and trustworthiness of the organization – Caritas of the Archdiocese of Prague is the first organization in the Czech Republic involved in this type of program. It has gained the confidence of tens of thousands of donors from all over the Czech Republic.  

How to sponsor a child

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