Shelters for mothers with children

We run two shelters that offer temporary accommodation to women, mothers and their children, who have no other option of housing. We help them gain their strength, and also teach them the necessary skills for their transition to a stable and sustainable lifestyle. To assist them in reaching this goal, we offer social counseling and motivating activities, while also providing them with an environment where they can feel safe.

These services are offered to clients from all over the Czech Republic, including foreigners that have a legal permanent residency. The Shelters are based in Prague and Brandýs nad Labem.

Social Housing

Social housing provides low-income families with access to a regular lease with affordable rent. A regular lease means that families have a permanent address, which translates into eligibility for certain benefits, such as the government housing allowance.

We have a limited number of social dwellings at our disposal. They are mainly intended for single mothers who are able to leave our shelters, but do not have sufficient resources to pay for regular rental housing. Without our assistance, such women would be forced to seek refuge in another shelter.

Caritas social workers regularly visit tenants and provide them with active support. The aim is to overcome the barriers preventing families in need from living independent lives without the need for social assistance.