Help for the Homeless people

St. Theresa Shelter Home

St. Theresa Shelter Home in Prague 4 is a shelter attended by those experiencing a difficult life situation, however most of the clients in this shelter are experiencing homelessness.

The Day Center offers shower facilities, and a clothing donation room. The canteen serves soup, bread, tea and coffee. During the winter season, the canteen stays open overnight so homeless clients can spend the night, and avoid the cold weather. The ultimate goal is to assist homeless people in avoiding the risk of hypothermia, frost bite, or even freezing to death. This particular service can save a life.

We also help by providing clients with short-term accommodation in a Dormitory, and long-term accommodation in the Shelter House.

Counselling is offered to the clients to assist them in finding solutions for their life-burdening situations

sestra Radima Jana Ivančicová