Migration Center

We are a part of the all-state network of counseling centers run by Caritas Czech Republic. Our services are offered free of charge to refugees at the headquarters of our counseling center in Prague – Karlín. Based on the individual needs of each client, we also provide our services outside of our headquarters, within the region of Prague and Central Bohemia.

Contact: 00420 737 280 613

Integraci krajanů z Ukrajiny bude v dalších čtyřech letech zajišťovat Arcidiecézní charita Praha

Our services

  • Social and legal counseling
  • Assistance during vital appointments at different institutions (hospitals, schools, insurance companies…)
  • Assistance with integration into society
  • Assistance with job searching
    We are also able to advise on other work-related issues such as requalification possibilities, validation of documents, and obtaining a work permit.
  • Information on enrollement in Czech language course
  • Translation and interpretation services
  • Psychological councelling services
  • Assistance in crisis situations such as:
    → searching for and securing accomodations
    → providing food and clothing; our centre contains a clothing donation room for client use
  • Provision of other external services and establishments
  • Distribution of general information materials
  • We further offer a program of support to victims of illegal migration.


MEDEVAC project is a program that brings physically handicapped patients-primarily children-in a life threatening state to the Czech Republic to receive treatment if they were unable to get it in their home country.The program is financed by the Ministry of Interior Czech Republic, which is partially provided by Caritas Prague.

Thus far, MEDEVAC Project has assisted children from Pakistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Georgia, and Cambodia. Most of these children were either born with their physical disability, had a heart defect, or were sustaining injuries from war conflicts or natural disasters.

The Migration Center has taken part in the MEDEVAC Project since 2006.

Operace srdce zachránila život děvčátku z Kambodži – byli jsme u toho

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„One who is gracious to a poor man lends to the Lord, And He will repay him for his good deed.“ (Proverbs 19:17)

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  • funds food aid and shelter for those who are in need,
  • supports social services for seniors, people with special needs, families in need, victims of domestic violence and those who have found themselves in a life burdening situation
  • supports education for disadvantaged children in developing countries.

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