Fatima Center for physically handicapped

The Fatima Center offers rehabilitation services to patients with spinal cord injuries who have become confined to a wheelchair due to an accident or illness.

Patients are provided with temporary accommodations, and support in achieving and sustaining the highest level of autonomy. Patients will learn to fulfill their individual needs either alone, or with the help of a personal assistant. Their stay in the center-which has full wheelchair access-will assist them in learning to manage this dramatic change in their lives, and will provide them with the necessary skills to be able to return to their normal and daily routines.

The Home of the Holy Family

We help people with mental and combined disabilities whose conditions require regular assistance of other people. Our mission is to provide an all year round accommodation service and professional care to our patients and residents and, at the same time, create a dignified, stimulating and loving environment for them. Our goal is to offer them standard opportunities for social integration, in accordance with the degree of their disability(ies). Our work is based on the belief that every human life is a unique gift, and as such, is to be respected and protected. We also acknowledge and cherish the spiritual dimension of life and try to incorporate this philosophy into the life of the Home; both of our homes have chapels in them.