A technical talent is being born among sponsored children in Zambia. Sarah scoops another victory!

22. 1. 2019

A technical talent is being born among sponsored children in Zambia. Sarah scoops another victory!

Sarah, how was your first year at the boarding school?

I was so far from my home for the first time in my life. My grandmother traveled with me to the school on the first day. Everything was new for me…The accommodation with my classmates, a daily routine at the school, new subjects, teachers.

Did you join the JETC club at your new school?

Yes, I am also a member of the JETS (Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists club) at my new school as I was in Solwezi. We were given a new theme for our projects : Theft in agriculture and how to prevent it. I am still interested in Agriculture science and I began working on my next project of the farm electrical security fence after my research at the library and on the internet. This is not a new idea. But I was thinking how this would impact both the farm stock and a person. I suggested electrical fencing with the optimal voltage, which would not cause death to farm stock, it would only scared it away. I also included a siren with the light as a part of the security system, which would notify the security personnel and the owner. The sirens would be placed in such a way to be visible and for the thief to see and hear them when they go off… then he would know he is being monitored.

Did you sign up for the competition with your project again?

Yes, I did. I advanced from our school competition to the provincial one, where I came out at the second place. I dint make it to the National contest this time. Also the model of my project is still kept by the school, where the provincial competition was held, I am still waiting for its return, and therefore you are not able to see it at the moment.

How did you spend your Christmas? The new school year began last week, are you exited?

I spend lots of time with my grandmother and relatives at home during my holiday, we had a peaceful Christmas together and attended mass at our Anglican church. I am excited to go back to school, for sure we will have an opportunity to work on another project in our JETC club. I am very happy I can study at this school and would like to say Thank you to my sponsor and Caritas Prague for their support.

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