Art that seeks to warm your heart

25. 3. 2021

Art that seeks to warm your heart

In collaboration with A. R. T. (a Czech acronym that expands to: „Studio of Joyful Creativity“), the Caritas of the Archdiocese of Prague has supported talented people with mental or chronic psychological diseases.

Caritas Director Jaroslav Němec explains: We have purchased two dozens paintings by Marie Kůsová and by an artist known by her nom de plume ‚Lucrecia‘. The visual arts are a field in which people with mental handicaps can and do attain the same level of proficiency as their non-handicapped peers, and thus make their mark in society as artists.“

A. R. T. is on the lookout for creative talents with a personal artistic language all their own that doesn’t try to mimic the works of other artists but instead draws inspiration from their own imagination. A. R. T. artists produce original works of great creative power that don’t compromise just to suit prevailing artistic and cultural paradigms.

Marie Kůsová is a dynamic woman of a cheerful disposition, coming across as younger than her years. Her paintings don’t dwell on the finer points of technique, but burst with enthusiasm and a keen sense of color. Consequently, they have garnered praise at numerous exhibitions.

„Lucrecia“ is an artist with a broad range of interests.  Aside from expressing herself through painting, she writes poetry, lyrics, and prose pieces. She loves to sing and recite. For inspiration, she explores her inner self or turns to nature: “Before I start painting I always pray to God, asking that my painting find favor with others and bring them harmony.  The love with which I paint is transferable.  May it warm your heart!“

The paintings decorate walls of the St. Christopher Guest House run by the Caritas of the Archdiocese of Prague. Individual paintings can be purchased at the price CZK 2,000 to CZK 5,000. See a comprehensive catalogue of the artwork on display.

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