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Caritas Prague has celebrated its 20th anniversary

In 2011, Caritas Prague celebrated its 20th anniversary. Since its re-launch in 1991, a network of social projects have been realized within the Archdiocese of Prague, and vast international projects have been put in place. Please view the photo gallery.

Our St. Charles Lwanga Buikwe Hospital has celebrated its 5th Birthday

What were the last 5 years in our hospital like? We have treated more than 140 thousand patients and we have helped to give birth to more than 3000 children. Our doctors have attended to more than 60 thousand patients infected with malaria, and helped thousands of patients overcome malnourishment. We perform Caesarians every three days, without which, both the mother and the child would not survive. On average, the hospital performs 90 thousand medical interventions each year. Every day, the waiting rooms are full of people seeking medical attention. Every day we help about 100 people. Without our help, most of these people would not survive. Thanks to you - our donors, the hospital helps people in need and is now celebrating its 5th year in operation.  

Facts about Child Sponsorship Program

In January 2012, the amount of children supported by Czech donors in the Child Sponsorship Program exceeded 30 thousand. Caritas Prague has been the first organization in the Czech Republic to introduce the Child Sponsorship Program, launched 19 years ago. Today Caritas helps in Sub-Saharian Africa, India and Belarus. Half of the above mentioned children have already completed their lower education and are now in higher education or getting ready for their future professional life. Learn more.

How you can support Caritas Prague

Counselling Centre for Migrants

  • Are you an applicant for international protection or have you already been granted such protection on the territory of the Czech Republic?

  • Do you need social or legal advice?

  • Are you interested in assistance when dealing with authorities?

  • Do you need job search assistence or help with finding a vocational training?

Contact us: 00420 737 280 613 or

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