Project Magdala

The Magdala Project secures critical and complex aid for those who have been victims of domestic violence and/or human trafficking (forced prostitution or labor). We aim to support our clients’ efforts to integrate into society, and to break away from their current violent environment. The project’s services which are provided statewide through a charity network all over the Czech Republic, is coordinated by the Caritas of the Archdiocese of Prague. The services provided within the scope of Project Magdala include:

  • Assistance in finding safe accommodations with a secret address for women and their children
  • Social counseling, and therapeutic services
  • Legal assistance
  • 24/7 hotline, as well as assistance in a crisis
  • Psychological and mental health care
  • Assistance with job searching
  • Assistance with vital appointments outside of the office
  • Translation and interpretation services
  • Support from a combination of cooperating organizations
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Family Group Counseling - Provided Service of Project Magdala

The Magdala Family Group Counseling Center aims to assist families that are coping with the presence of violence in their homes. We consider our clients to be primary agents in creating solutions to their own problems. The counseling center assists by providing support and a voice for any vulnerable members of the family (e.g., children). Our clients include Roma people, immigrants, and families facing poverty and homelessness. The services provided by the Family Group Counseling Center include:

  • Psychological and mental health care
  • Assistance with handling authorities
  • Legal assistance
  • Assisted meetings of parents and their children
  • Assisted changeover of children
  • Family mediation counseling sessions
  • Supported communication and agreements between parents
  • Referral of family to any needed care and other applicable services

Project Faces of Love - Provided Prevention Service of Project Magdala

Project Faces of Love is a program that facilitates workshops to youth from ages 12 to 26 inside Children’s Homes and Orphanages. It is aimed at the prevention of risky behaviors that may lead to human trafficking, prostitution, and the presence of domestic violence in a family’s home. Project Faces of Love functions through the partnership of the Magdala Project counseling center, Prague College of Psychosocial Studies, Child Protective Services, and Children’s Homes in the Czech Republic.

  • Group and/or one-on-one therapeutic services
  • Multiple referrals through community cooperation
  • Open discussion with trusted professionals
  • Raising awareness on issues of domestic violence and human trafficking through artwork and creativity
  • Workshops on topics such as gender norms, sexuality, healthy relationship qualities, conflict/anger management, and recruitment tactics of human traffickers

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