The Faces of Love – intentional project for the prevention of human trafficking and violence against women and men

Norwegian Grants, in conjunction with Nadace Open Society Fund of Prague, enabled Poradna Magdala, a service of Caritas of the Archdiocese of Prague, and the project’s partners to implement the project “Tváře Lásky (The Faces of Love).”

This project involves a preventive program for children and adolescents between 12-26 years of age growing up under state or institutional (OSPOD) care. The program is carried out within the selected and indicated confines of risk management outside the framework of school attendance, aimed at the prevention of violence and human trafficking. It functions on the basis of community collaboration in Poradna Magdala dealing with domestic violence and the trafficking of human beings. The project duration is from May 1st 2015 to June 30th 2016.

Project partners:Norwegian Grants

  • The Pyšely children’s home and school cafeteria
  • The Zruče nad Sázavou children’s home and school cafeteria
  • The Černovice Educational Institute, Educational Care Center, high school, and school cafeteria
  • The Dolní Pečernice children’s home and school cafeteria
  • Nová Škola o.p.s.Open Society Fund
  • The city of Říčany and the Říčany Department of Child Protection
  • The Prague Institute of Higher Education for Psychosocial Studies, s.r.o. (Pražská vysoká škola psychosociálních studií, s. r. o.) 

Project objectives and activities:

  • Collaboration between partners
  • Creation of a prevention program aimed at the prevention of violence against men and women
  • The training of teachers for the prevention program
  • The implementation of the prevention program
  • The creation of: a handbook of best practices, a short informational film, posters for the project
  • The creation of raising awareness of the subject through an informational campaign aimed at the target audience.

News from The Faces of Love project

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